These are the rules in which SkyLife works from. They are essential in ensuring proper and fair roleplay. If you have any questions or queries then please contact a member of staff to clarify whatever it is you are unsure of.

Basic Definitions and Wording

This section will discuss some words and terms you may come across during your time roleplaying on the server. Please, make sure you understand these terms.

  • RP: Roleplay.
  • OOC: Out of character, speaking in the real world.
  • RDM: Killing/attempting to kill someone with no (or minimal) roleplay, initiaon or reason.
  • VDM: Deliberately using your vehicle as a weapon in an attempt to injure or kill another player with no (or minimal) roleplay, initiation or reason.
  • GTA Online Driving: Driving off-road, up hills in a sports vehicle/bike, hitting jumps etc. Generally driving unrealistically in a vehicle unsuitable for the terrain, or driving at ridiculous speeds through the city for no good reason.
  • FailRP: A broad term and can encompass many different meanings but generally speaking is when a player does something which in real world would be generally unthinkable to the majority of people
  • FearRP: Fear for your life. This links into FailRP somewhat but you must value your life and RP any fear as you would have it in real-life
  • Meta Gaming: The act of using real-life information received outside the bounds of the game to benefit your roleplay/ character's knowledge in-game, where otherwise they would have no knowledge of such information.
  • Power Gaming: Roleplaying with mechanics/abilities that do not exist

General Rules

  1. Microphone: You must have a working microphone to join the server. Failure to do so will result in being kicked until you can prove you have a working microphone.
  2. RDM: You must initiate or have a valid reason to kill or attack another player
  3. VDM: Your vehicle may not be used as a weapon unless your life is put in immediate danger
  4. FailRP: Do not do something that you would not do in real-life. GTA driving is also included within this.
  5. FearRP: You should always value your life, the only time you may contest this rule is if it's a 1v1 situation. So if there was a 2v1 the 1 person will HAVE to fear their life.
  6. Initiation: Initiation cannot be done through a vehicle. You have to be outside a vehicle to initiate.
  7. Meta Gaming: Do not use discord/OOC to gather information to be used in game.
  8. Power Gaming: This involves using no game mechanics to your benefit, e.g. role playing you have an explosive when you do not.
  9. Breaking RP: This falls under FailRP, you should never break character. Always wait until the RP situation finishes before going OOC.
  10. Combat Logging: You should never log out during an RP situation.
  11. Exploitation: Abusing any bugs/exploits in game will result in an immediate ban.
  12. Refunds: In game refunds due to glitches/un-expected restarts will only be handed out with proof.
  13. Corruption: Transferring items from Whitelisted factions to regular characters/players is strictly prohibited. If caught the player will face a permanent removal.
  14. You may ONLY steal what a person has on them, you cannot ask them to withdraw money from a bank.
  15. Stealing is acceptable, you can steal whatever the person has on them, and any assets inside vehicles. You may NOT ask people to withdraw money, transfer money, pass over vehicle keys.
  16. No flying ANY sort of aircraft.
  17. Garages are UNABLE to be used during active RP to store/fix/pull out vehicles. (Police Chases/ Hostage Situations etc).
  18. Houses/Warehouses are UNABLE to be used during active RP (Police Chases/Hostage Situations etc).

Character Rules

  1. NLR: New Life Rule, when you die you forget about your previous life and are not allowed to continue any RP. This does not include being revived by a Medkit/NHS
  2. Terrorism: Role playing any sort of terrorism will result in an immediate ban.
  3. Death avoidance: You cannot pass money or weapons as you're about to die to avoid the death system.
  4. Restrains: If you are restrained you are unable to communicate with any parties apart from regular voice chat.
  5. Hostages: You may not take MORE than 2 people hostage in any scenario. The negotiator CANNOT be taken hostage. MAXIMUM 2 MET Police Officers Hostage at once, Must ALWAYS have 1 more MET officer on duty to negotiate.
  6. Police Hostages: You may NOT take any police equipment/weaponry of police.
  7. Sexual Roleplay: You may NOT do any type of sexual roleplay.
  8. You are NOT allowed to /carry someone if they are cuffed by police or fall out of the car.
  9. You are NOT allowed to store your bike/car/vehicle while doing robberies inside where the robbery is taking place.

Character Rules

  1. NHS: NHS are a neutral faction they may not be harmed.
  2. NHS/MET: The use of MET/NHS vehicles when not playing the correct faction will result in an immediate ban.
  3. Cop Baiting: Cop baiting or trolling officers is not allowed
  4. NHS: When revived by NHS you are in their custody until you are released and deemed safe.
  5. Robberies: During bank/store robberies ALL of the attackers have to be inside, you are not allowed to place snipers or outsiders
  6. Gangs: Maximum 5 players commiting a gang crime at the same time.
  7. Sirens: Sirens do not count as initiation, you may not fire upon police if they are chasin you until you initiate directly with the police.
  8. Bounty Hunter/Assassin: No role playing as any of these roles, killing someone for a bounty is against the rules. Capturing and hostage taking for bounties are allowed.
  9. Shooting/Initiation out of vehicles is strictly prohibited.