Welcome to Sky Life Roleplay!

Welcome to Sky Life RP where our top priorities are player experience and server performance. Not only that ensuring everyone has fun.

Sky Life is an established community that ensures serious roleplay server with a balanced economy, powerful anti-cheat system, active staff, and a variety of job and character opportunities.

At Sky Life, you have a chance to meet new people, make friends, and be whomever you want to be.

What does Sky Life have to offer?

Main Features

Built on Feedback
Got a suggestion? We'll listen. With over 1000+ closed feedback articles, SkyLife is built on community feedback, and we thank all of our players for their continued support!
Updates Landing Daily
SkyLife offers tailormade server updates on a daily basis to keep players occupied. These are designed specifically for SkyLife to ensure that gameplay stays fresh and fun.
Looking for a place you can call home? SkyLife is a long-established community, welcoming all players, all types of roleplay and friendly faces!
Powerful Anti-Cheat
We're as done with cheaters as you are. SkyLife's economy is strict, cheaters are dealt with swiftly and player experience is key. SkyLife's powerful Anti-Cheat has been proven time and time again to keep an enjoyable player experience.
Live Anywhere
SkyLife's dynamic property system allows players to live virtually anywhere. A trailer home? Sold. A house in the hills? Sold. A quiet suburban residence with a garage to store your vehicles? Sold.
SkyLife's #1 priority is performance, so forget the lag and unplayable server connections. With daily stability and performance updates, SkyLife is sure to keep your frames as high as possible at all times.
Whitelist Roles
SkyLife has a plethora of whitelist roles. Expand your roleplay by choosing from a wide-variety of whitelist roles, make new friends, experiences and so much more.
Custom Vehicles and Handling
Looking for real-world vehicles with authentic handling? SkyLife has a team dedicated to making vehicles realistic and satisfying, while also taking community suggestions for new content.
Unique Robberies
Big or small, convenience store to depository bank, SkyLife's robbery system is ever-expanding, built from the ground up and developed on player feedback.
We are a new and upcoming FiveM server wanting to give a healthy but amazing roleplay experience so join us today! We build everything from scratch to perfect everything
Attention to Detail
Often overlooked, SkyLife strives for realism with smaller improvements that enhance the quality of gameplay, one feature at a time. It's the kind of attention to detail that isn't always noticeable, but it feels better.
Custom Map
We aim to bring more life to Los Santos than the vanilla Grand Theft Auto game. Whether it's new interiors, improved hangout locations, we love having new areas for players to discover and roleplay with.