How to play SkyLife Roleplay?

How to connect to the server?

We will always recommended connecting to the server through your F8 console in FiveM, to do this follow the steps below:

On the FiveM main menu, press F8

Type “connect“ in the text bar and press ENTER

Press F8 to close the console and click on “PLAY NOW” when the button appears


Below is a display of the keyboard. These are our key controls of our server.

How to get started in the city?

So you’ve just landed in the city and wondering what to do next.

When you first fly in to the City, you will be beside the Job Centre, please take the time to create a unique character and change your appearance from the 'default Danny' you first appear as, this will be crucial for your gaming experience as city goers and staff will assume you aren't here to roleplay and people may be wary of you. Once you have done this, please take the time to check your in game mic and textures are set correctly, you can find these guides in the 'Help' dropdown.

When you feel you are good to go and explore the city, the most important things to do first is go to a store marked on the map with a shopping basket or go for a dumpster dive and get yourself some food and drink as this will prevent you from an untimely death from hunger or thirst. You may want to buy a phone, you can find them by going to an apple store marked on the map as a wifi signal. From there if you feel you may want to buy a car, or if you are found to have borrowed one unlawfully, having a drivers licence will help to reduce a police fine or two, to get your licence you can make your way to the DVLA and take your driving test, however if you want to get right in and earn yourself some money, you can go into the jobcentre and choose one of the City jobs, be it miner, hunter or even bus driver, there are lots to choose from. If you wish to chat in the twitter feed, your command will be /twt followed by your message, to speak out of character this will be /ooc and your message.