Bans FAQ

I have been banned

If a member of staff has banned you, then the ban that you have received has been given out with purpose. As stated in the ban message, SkyLife Staff is unable to assist you unless you put in a ban appeal.

False Bans & Anticheat

The anticheat system has been vigorously tested to ensure that there is an incredibly limited amount of false positives. So what do you do if you think that your ban is a mistake? Take a look at the files you have been running in conjunction with the FiveM client.

Important: Graphic and sound packs or modifications do not cause global bans. However if you are using a "shared" graphic mod that may cause issues. If you are uncertain submit a ticket in our discord server.

How do I find out that I have been unbanned?

You will find out by receiving an email. Onc of our team memebers will get incontact with you if you have been successfully unbanned.

I found cheats that are undetected!

That's unfortunate, are you sure they still are undetected? If you come across cheats in which you feel are undetected please feel free to send them to us in a discord ticket.